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Dance to it by Hakeem Kymanie a.k.a The black matador

August 26, 2012

Dancing to the rhythm of the tune of my life//

i learn’t that not everyone will believe in you

but guess what, i still survive//

only God knows my destiny//

only family never judges me//

only my true friends back me up n never retort//

i see the finish line drawing in faster than Bolt//

n i don’t make no excuses for the limitations i have//

coz im thankful for my strengths n the breath in my lungs//

my focus is all forward//

but the past is not ignored//

many waves touch the shore but what matters is what they leave behind//

in a world where only the surface matters,

how can i express how i truly feel inside?//

fake smiles surround me everyday n it hurts//

to know that the ones i support wanna see me in a hurst//

on my life i swear to never lose focus, never need help//

depend on God and chase the dream not the wealth//

time after time life swings some punches//

but i brawl and weave n never hold no grudges//

my biggest weakness is that i cant pretend,

im forced to keep it real//

and so i took control of my reality, im the driver on the wheel//


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