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Reality check by Hakeem Kymanie a.k.a The black matador

August 26, 2012

Words written in black fonts,

expressing dark thoughts,

grey clouds hover over my head,

I’m goth like the devils pot,

take me away into space like a Nasa pod,

coz there aint no love for me here like there aint no god,

alone in the dark nights no lights in my room,

reflecting on my younger days no stress that consume,

or I’m I just blocking the truth like the 7:00 news?

couldn’t care any less for fame, to me a silk tie is just a fancy noose,

choking the suit wearer trying to rob the poor,

marketing chemicals instead of finding a cure,

knowledge above all, thats the only thing I’m sure,

I believe in aliens as much as I believe in a lady who’s pure,

thats a word to the dead who are still living,

blinded by this A-list status that they stay chasing,

asking where the ballers are at who stay tipping,

I’m a strong black man, what the hell were you thinking?

and i will stay on my grind cz thats what we were taught,

that everything has a price that means nothing cant be bought,

if everything dies how can that be intelligent design?

I already know who I am, I don’t need for anyone to co-sign

One day at a time, thats what they told me,

like somehow the progress could console me,

I need happiness instead of solemnity,

and hard liquor for my brain,

blood diamonds for my chain,

kill me if I ever gave a fuck what a bitch thinks,

I know you figure that I’m kinda cruel, but check this,

kill me if i ever gave a fuck what a friend thinks

its been confirmed I’m alone until the world ends,

born as a fighter, with or without friends,

they lied to me, told me that I was gonna win,

all the while they plotted my distraction,

bore so much hate I couldn’t relate,

ladys I used to love getting ran through like an intersection,

I dont speak much but my heart bleeds,

and the anger in my life is what my soul feeds,

I only love myself, fuck what the gods speak,

I hit you with a reality check now turn the other cheek.


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