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Take that loss. by Hakeem Kymanie a.k.a The black matador

August 26, 2012

It took God one week to build earth n solar,
imagine wid all dat power He still had 2 plan 2 get everything in order,
the creation of man was lyk a glitch in the system,
cz the woman bypassd her programming n nw we all fall victim,
the devil fell n was induced lyk a virus,
he became the king of the earth n turnd it into a circus,
in came the prophets n saints,
they preached truth bt it was in vain,
cz even after Gods son walkd with mortals,lyk a criminal He got slain,
dats why i dont claim to b on the path 2 heaven nor hell,
wen i die may my soul remain still lyk the water in a well,
nothin moves me lyk the red sea wen Moses ran through it,
i dont trust a soul,Joseph was sold by his jealous brothers,hw stupid,
i thought u loved me,we were all smiles wen it was all smiles,
bt wen i tripped n fell u werent around for miles,
only during dispair n wen lyf is unfair,
dats wen u knw who really cares,they r right there,
n i aint talkin abt Christs disciples,
they were hiding while he was hanging,
if they really cared then they shoulda taken a few slashes of that whip,
a stranger had 2 help Him carry the cross,
His own homies cldnt take that loss,
lyk casper they stayed ghost,
n only showed up to take him down from the post.


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