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The Price of love by Hakeem Kymanie a.k.a The black matador

August 26, 2012

I felt my heart poundin out of my chest n i couldnt rest,everyday the similar feelin had me stressin n vexed,starin at my cellular phone i wanna call u bt i cant erase the facts nomatter what i do,thus i listen to jazz tunes tryin to stay true,believing in myself n all the great things that i will do,coz its better to have loved n lost than to have never loved at all,nothing is ever built to last even the strongest man met his downfall,n so i walk in the light never in my demise on my quest for better days as i realise,whatever choice u make u have to think twice,u have to take each step with caution or forever pay the price. Excuse me cant express wat i truly feel inside,i feel lyk wen the twin towers n those planes collide,i had u always on my mind the memories r vicious,reminiscin al da tyms dat i made u suspecious bt nw ur gone away n im here all grown,cz wat doesnt kill u can only make u strong,im writin more rhymes gettin better with every song n im seeing another lady thats a killer in a thong.Bt the price of luv is heartbreak n stress smetyms u trust smebdy n they will get u messed,i was bitten once then twice nw im shy bt eventhough we split i will forever stay fly,hw did u figure this wld end,u smilin me cry? That will never happen,bt still i ask why why why why…(to b continued)


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