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The Price of Love pt. 2 by Hakeem Kymanie a.k.a The black matador

August 26, 2012

We were together for a while but we lived in denial

that’s why I always knew we’d never grow to be senile

you wanted to have fun and experience this life

I wanted to gain experience so that I can make a life

I thought love was all about being together through the strife


You watching my back instead of sticking a knife

we all need love like we addicted to cupid

but the little mans arrows make your actions look stupid

Walking around hooded by this cloud of despair

Wondering why the hell life is so unfair

I could almost read they thoughts every time they stare

They like what the hell happened you were such an excellent pair

So I pleaded innocent n left the jury to judge,

The jury is my heart n it opted not to grudge

and I let u go quick like the speed of electric,

carrying all the pain inside made me feel so eccentric

But the same pain helped me write this song,

I put all the hate down so it can’t prolong

I’m tryna right my wrongs like I’m re-sitting a test,

it takes more than a female to give me permanent vex

But the price of love is heartbreak and stress

Sometimes you love somebody n they will get you messed

I’m no longer messed life’s too short for that

I feel in love with music n a mic not a gat

U gotta understand what we had wasn’t real,

just a prologue of this novel that will get mass appeal

Finito! My dues are paid my heart is froze,

the price of love is high but I bought the whole store.


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