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U can keep the fame! by Hakeem Kymanie a.k.a The black matador

August 26, 2012

Out with the good and in with the bad,
the illumination of my soul without the blood,
from the ashes of my weaknesses a phoenix precipitated,
a result of no love given,no love taken,
still i try to smile though i lack a sense of humour,
the world wasnt attentive n so the darkness crept in lyk a tumour,
i spend days of emptiness,
id probably b numb wen i hit my senesence,
the people i thought cared about me forgot my existence,
no communication,nt even a positive reference of me in their sentences,
thus i scream fuck ya’ll! N i take back my luv cz im the boy ya’ll luv to hate,
probably cz im slick n my convo is hard to relate,
i cnt stop 4 nobody,im lyk a train u r either on or off it,
they say impossibility is nothing bt its impossible for me to forfit,
i put God first,my father second then money over everthing else,
i knw thats selfish bt thats hw u get wen u wanna erase the stress,
u expect me 2 catch a grenade 4 u bt u wont do the same,
wat do i luk lyk,bruno mars? U gat no shame,
im fast n free lyk a stallion u cannot tame,
so give me the money, u can keep the fame!


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