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Where are YOU? by Hakeem Kymanie a.k.a The black matador

August 26, 2012

I thought ud stand beside me as the storms blew past us

and remain an accomplice to me more faithful than the pastors,

but u crept away

without even a goodbye to act as a gesture

I wish I never met ya

I wish I never put u first coz u played ur boy like Hugh Hefner

you got me hyped for nothing,

you told me its okay to stop running,

you told me its okay to stop gunning,

you told me its okay to put my life behind a beat n start rhyming

its okay u said, but now the love is dead

I feel weak without u like a virus done spread

we were easy to spot, like we walked around with x’s on our head

I was the face, u were the art n together we break bread

but u deserted me and left me sick with dread

now I’m here reminiscing on the times we shared

seated on the park bench, listening to Tupac then

creating a masterpiece for the people to comment

Where are you??

Where are you??

We made magic every time we were alone in the zone

but now that ur gone I feel so sucker prone

I was the hip, u were the hop

every time I laid u down, u made harmony

people used to nod in agreement

they said we were meant to be together ever since I was a semen

but all alone on this yellow brick road I sort

another to replace u but I cant retort

every time we spoke together the ground shook like Haiti

I introduced you to my parents n they inducted you into my family

we sat around a campfire and we told them poetry

the words connected as we painted pictures without ink

you opened my mind to possibilities no ordinary human can think

and then u vaporized like dew,

we were together for so long I hardly saw it coming

and at night my heart pounds like a Zulu drumming

hoping I will find you lying next to me in the morning

I’m eternally yours HipHop, but I keep on wondering

Where are you??

Where are you??


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