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Reality check by Hakeem Kymanie a.k.a The black matador

Words written in black fonts,

expressing dark thoughts,

grey clouds hover over my head,

I’m goth like the devils pot,

take me away into space like a Nasa pod,

coz there aint no love for me here like there aint no god,

alone in the dark nights no lights in my room,

reflecting on my younger days no stress that consume,

or I’m I just blocking the truth like the 7:00 news?

couldn’t care any less for fame, to me a silk tie is just a fancy noose,

choking the suit wearer trying to rob the poor,

marketing chemicals instead of finding a cure,

knowledge above all, thats the only thing I’m sure,

I believe in aliens as much as I believe in a lady who’s pure,

thats a word to the dead who are still living,

blinded by this A-list status that they stay chasing,

asking where the ballers are at who stay tipping,

I’m a strong black man, what the hell were you thinking?

and i will stay on my grind cz thats what we were taught,

that everything has a price that means nothing cant be bought,

if everything dies how can that be intelligent design?

I already know who I am, I don’t need for anyone to co-sign

One day at a time, thats what they told me,

like somehow the progress could console me,

I need happiness instead of solemnity,

and hard liquor for my brain,

blood diamonds for my chain,

kill me if I ever gave a fuck what a bitch thinks,

I know you figure that I’m kinda cruel, but check this,

kill me if i ever gave a fuck what a friend thinks

its been confirmed I’m alone until the world ends,

born as a fighter, with or without friends,

they lied to me, told me that I was gonna win,

all the while they plotted my distraction,

bore so much hate I couldn’t relate,

ladys I used to love getting ran through like an intersection,

I dont speak much but my heart bleeds,

and the anger in my life is what my soul feeds,

I only love myself, fuck what the gods speak,

I hit you with a reality check now turn the other cheek.


The Price of love by Hakeem Kymanie a.k.a The black matador

I felt my heart poundin out of my chest n i couldnt rest,everyday the similar feelin had me stressin n vexed,starin at my cellular phone i wanna call u bt i cant erase the facts nomatter what i do,thus i listen to jazz tunes tryin to stay true,believing in myself n all the great things that i will do,coz its better to have loved n lost than to have never loved at all,nothing is ever built to last even the strongest man met his downfall,n so i walk in the light never in my demise on my quest for better days as i realise,whatever choice u make u have to think twice,u have to take each step with caution or forever pay the price. Excuse me cant express wat i truly feel inside,i feel lyk wen the twin towers n those planes collide,i had u always on my mind the memories r vicious,reminiscin al da tyms dat i made u suspecious bt nw ur gone away n im here all grown,cz wat doesnt kill u can only make u strong,im writin more rhymes gettin better with every song n im seeing another lady thats a killer in a thong.Bt the price of luv is heartbreak n stress smetyms u trust smebdy n they will get u messed,i was bitten once then twice nw im shy bt eventhough we split i will forever stay fly,hw did u figure this wld end,u smilin me cry? That will never happen,bt still i ask why why why why…(to b continued)

The Price of Love pt. 2 by Hakeem Kymanie a.k.a The black matador

We were together for a while but we lived in denial

that’s why I always knew we’d never grow to be senile

you wanted to have fun and experience this life

I wanted to gain experience so that I can make a life

I thought love was all about being together through the strife


You watching my back instead of sticking a knife

we all need love like we addicted to cupid

but the little mans arrows make your actions look stupid

Walking around hooded by this cloud of despair

Wondering why the hell life is so unfair

I could almost read they thoughts every time they stare

They like what the hell happened you were such an excellent pair

So I pleaded innocent n left the jury to judge,

The jury is my heart n it opted not to grudge

and I let u go quick like the speed of electric,

carrying all the pain inside made me feel so eccentric

But the same pain helped me write this song,

I put all the hate down so it can’t prolong

I’m tryna right my wrongs like I’m re-sitting a test,

it takes more than a female to give me permanent vex

But the price of love is heartbreak and stress

Sometimes you love somebody n they will get you messed

I’m no longer messed life’s too short for that

I feel in love with music n a mic not a gat

U gotta understand what we had wasn’t real,

just a prologue of this novel that will get mass appeal

Finito! My dues are paid my heart is froze,

the price of love is high but I bought the whole store.

Take that loss. by Hakeem Kymanie a.k.a The black matador

It took God one week to build earth n solar,
imagine wid all dat power He still had 2 plan 2 get everything in order,
the creation of man was lyk a glitch in the system,
cz the woman bypassd her programming n nw we all fall victim,
the devil fell n was induced lyk a virus,
he became the king of the earth n turnd it into a circus,
in came the prophets n saints,
they preached truth bt it was in vain,
cz even after Gods son walkd with mortals,lyk a criminal He got slain,
dats why i dont claim to b on the path 2 heaven nor hell,
wen i die may my soul remain still lyk the water in a well,
nothin moves me lyk the red sea wen Moses ran through it,
i dont trust a soul,Joseph was sold by his jealous brothers,hw stupid,
i thought u loved me,we were all smiles wen it was all smiles,
bt wen i tripped n fell u werent around for miles,
only during dispair n wen lyf is unfair,
dats wen u knw who really cares,they r right there,
n i aint talkin abt Christs disciples,
they were hiding while he was hanging,
if they really cared then they shoulda taken a few slashes of that whip,
a stranger had 2 help Him carry the cross,
His own homies cldnt take that loss,
lyk casper they stayed ghost,
n only showed up to take him down from the post.

What tomorrow may bring. by Hakeem Kymanie a.k.a The black matador

This morning is filled with anger
fueled with hidden hate
scared of being outcast
afraid of common fate

This afternoon is built on tradgedies
which no one wants to face
nightmares to humanities
and morally disgraced

This evening is filled with rage
violence in the air
children bred with ruthlessness
because no one at home cares
Tonight I lay my head down wondering what tomorrow may bring.

Where are YOU? by Hakeem Kymanie a.k.a The black matador

I thought ud stand beside me as the storms blew past us

and remain an accomplice to me more faithful than the pastors,

but u crept away

without even a goodbye to act as a gesture

I wish I never met ya

I wish I never put u first coz u played ur boy like Hugh Hefner

you got me hyped for nothing,

you told me its okay to stop running,

you told me its okay to stop gunning,

you told me its okay to put my life behind a beat n start rhyming

its okay u said, but now the love is dead

I feel weak without u like a virus done spread

we were easy to spot, like we walked around with x’s on our head

I was the face, u were the art n together we break bread

but u deserted me and left me sick with dread

now I’m here reminiscing on the times we shared

seated on the park bench, listening to Tupac then

creating a masterpiece for the people to comment

Where are you??

Where are you??

We made magic every time we were alone in the zone

but now that ur gone I feel so sucker prone

I was the hip, u were the hop

every time I laid u down, u made harmony

people used to nod in agreement

they said we were meant to be together ever since I was a semen

but all alone on this yellow brick road I sort

another to replace u but I cant retort

every time we spoke together the ground shook like Haiti

I introduced you to my parents n they inducted you into my family

we sat around a campfire and we told them poetry

the words connected as we painted pictures without ink

you opened my mind to possibilities no ordinary human can think

and then u vaporized like dew,

we were together for so long I hardly saw it coming

and at night my heart pounds like a Zulu drumming

hoping I will find you lying next to me in the morning

I’m eternally yours HipHop, but I keep on wondering

Where are you??

Where are you??

U can keep the fame! by Hakeem Kymanie a.k.a The black matador

Out with the good and in with the bad,
the illumination of my soul without the blood,
from the ashes of my weaknesses a phoenix precipitated,
a result of no love given,no love taken,
still i try to smile though i lack a sense of humour,
the world wasnt attentive n so the darkness crept in lyk a tumour,
i spend days of emptiness,
id probably b numb wen i hit my senesence,
the people i thought cared about me forgot my existence,
no communication,nt even a positive reference of me in their sentences,
thus i scream fuck ya’ll! N i take back my luv cz im the boy ya’ll luv to hate,
probably cz im slick n my convo is hard to relate,
i cnt stop 4 nobody,im lyk a train u r either on or off it,
they say impossibility is nothing bt its impossible for me to forfit,
i put God first,my father second then money over everthing else,
i knw thats selfish bt thats hw u get wen u wanna erase the stress,
u expect me 2 catch a grenade 4 u bt u wont do the same,
wat do i luk lyk,bruno mars? U gat no shame,
im fast n free lyk a stallion u cannot tame,
so give me the money, u can keep the fame!